Death Certificates
Death Certificates

The coroner shall furnish a death certificate based on his examination, investigation, or autopsy, and he shall state as best he can the cause and manner of death. Death Certificates are generated by the funerals homes.

The Coroner’s Office is not the custodian of the Death Certificate.  As such, we do not provide copies of death certificates.

When a death is reported and falls under the Coroner's Office jurisdiction, the funeral home obtains the necessary information such as demographics, disposition, and other necessary information. The funeral home sends the certificate electronically to our office. Once the certificate is received at this office we (if possible) will fill out all information that is required by the Coroners’ Office and send it back to the funeral home as required by LA Revised Statue 33: 1563. In cases of autopsy the death certificate is completed immediately after receiving the pathologist results and reports. Once this office has completed its portion of the death certificate it is returned to the funeral home which has custody of the death certificate. Family members may contact the funeral home regarding their procedure once a death certificate has been returned to them from the Coroner.

Certified copies of Death Certificates may be obtained from the funeral home once they have been signed by a physician or the coroner. After 30 days, the death certificate must be obtained from Louisiana Vital Statistics.